The Anatomy Of A Successful Google Reconsideration Request

The Anatomy Of A Successful Google Reconsideration Request

5 steps to Prepare for and File a Successful Reconsideration Request after a Google Manual Penalty

Google jail is not a good place to find your website. Recent algorithm changes from Google (i.e. Penguin) have cracked down on websites using less than savory methods of acquiring links to their sites. The outcome? The offending sites are removed from Google’s search index until they clean up their act.

Fortunately, there is a ticket out of jail, but it requires a considerable amount of work before the reconsideration request will be looked at with any chance of getting back into the search results. Marcella De Vivo from created a awesome road map that will help you navigate your way back into Google.

Here is a quick breakdown of the steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Conduct a backlink audit. Download your backlinks in CSV format and separate the good from bad, marking spammy or suspicious links.
  2. Start the link removal outreach. You’ll need to request your link to be removed from sites that have been flagged by Google.
  3. Create a Disavow file. You will need to create a file listing all links that you are disavowing.
  4. File the request. Beg your way back into the good graces of Google. = (

Hopefully, you put in the extra effort to show you are taking a proactive approach to cleaning up your link profile. At this point you should begin focusing on acquiring only high quality links to your site.

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