Keepin’ It Real

The focus of Magic Infographic is to provide quality information on web hosting and other tech news. While we are sure to keep our reviews unbiased and neutral, we do receive compensation from banner advertisements and affiliate programs. This money helps us pay for the operation of the site and allows us to make a little money in the process as well.

How Affiliate Programs Work

Affiliate programs allow companies the ability to assign other people special links to their products and services. When these links are clicked on, the referring site gets a credit for the sale and is able to make money when you sign up for their services.

Affiliate programs offer a “Win-Win” solution for all parties: the company gains a new customer, the affiliate receives a commission, and the customer gets the services they were looking for. There are no changes in cost for the consumer.

Our Approach To Affiliate Marketing

We work hard to deliver content that is useful and informative. Affiliate marketing allows us to continue to improve your experience, fund giveaways, and make a little extra, every now and then. So, in order to be totally transparent, you can assume that links referring to other companies on our website are affiliate links. With that in mind, we only recommend products and services that we personally use/have used/or have a ton of knowledge on.

We always do our due diligence before recommending any company on our website. If you would like to learn more about our top recommendations click here.

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Magic Infographic is a collection of infographics and data visualizations curated and submitted from around the web.


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